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This university promises to cater to the long-cherished yearning for a centre of higher learning. Keeping in mind Cicero’s famous statement vivere est cogitare (to live is to know ), this university is determined to spread the fruits of education in all segments of society -the mainstream and the marginal.


Bankura University
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Bankura University



Funding Agency: University of New South Wales and Bankura University

“Water Resources and Climate Change” with the School of Environmental Studies, University of New South Wales (Australia). Collaborating partners are: Dr Paul Brown, Prof John Merston, Prof James Arvanitakis.

Funding Agency: British Council and University Grants Commission

“Study of the Impact of Population Ageing, Migration, Environmental and Social change on Older people and their families in India” with Centre for Innovative Ageing, University of Swansea, Wales, UK,. Collaborating partners are: Prof Vanessa Burholt, Dr Paul Nash, Dr Charles Musselwhite.

Funding agency: Bankura University

“Diasporic Home Communication and Cultural Diplomacy” with University of Wollongong. Collaborating partner: Prof Paul Sharrad.

Prof Subhendu Bikash Hazra’s (Dept. of Mathematics) projects in Germany:

1) Trinkwasserversorgungsnetz Aschaffenburg – Kalibrierung und Optimierung der hydraulischen Rohrnetzberechnung anhand von Auswertungen des Prozessleitsystems 2) Trinkwasserversorgungsnetz Heppenheim – hydraulische Bemessung Wassernetz Nordstadt II 3) RBF based grid free local scheme for incompressible free surface flows 4) Aerodynamic shape optimization



Bankura University

Main Campus (Beside NH 60),
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